About Us

About Us

Farming the rich soil of the Mediterranean region in Turkey is a tradition CHESHNI Foods carries out with pride. We produce and sell exceptional dried fruit, nuts and grains to loyal customers at our stands in markets and to our online customers across Turkey. Now, we are proud to bring CHESHNI to the United States.

As a result of our tremendous knowledge, experience, and reputation CHESHNI Foods has been developing, exporting, importing & packing wide range of the best quality dried fruits, nuts and grains for wholesale and retail companies in Turkey for many years.

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What is the meaning of the word CHESHNI?

Aside from a successful company name, the word CHESHNI (çeşni) means "something that adds taste, flavoring; characteristic taste; smell, aroma and as well as small portions of food" in Turkish. When we formed our company we thought the name was a perfect fit with our goals, after all our goal was and still is to bring the best quality food to your table.